Enterprise Banking Solutions

Delivering banking platform efficiency through blockchain

At the core of our retail services is our unique software platform which combines the deployment of a private blockchain with the transparency of smart contracts. If you are interested in discovering more about our software platform please contact enterprise@biza.io.

Audit & Compliance

Our Audit & Compliance capability allows us to integrate with your companies existing core infrastructure and leverage the power of smart contracts and artificial intelligence to provide a dynamic platform to constantly test, verify and enforce defined business rules. Using the immutable nature of the blockchain our platform incorporates defense by design that alleviates the risk of internal bad actors within your business. Combining these capabilities allows enterprises to streamline their compliance software solutions while leveraging the unique features of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology.


Standard features developed for our platform include:

  • Smart Contract based Business Rules platform
  • Suspicious transaction analysis and highlighting
  • Visualised transaction traceability

Core Banking

Taking our audit and compliance platform to the next level our unique software implementation introduces the power of the blockchain into the core of a financial institutions operations. With a variety of adapters our software can integrate into your existing infrastructure while delivering a sustainable ecosystem, seamless upgrades and highly flexible business rules support.


Features of our core banking software include:

  • Account Establishment
  • Notarised KYC establishment
  • AUSTRAC AML Compliance reporting
  • Savings & Current Accounts
  • Interest calculations
  • Notarised Letters of Credit
  • Term Deposits
  • Inbound payments settlement
  • NOSTRO/VOSTRO current account management
  • Dynamic Audit & Compliance monitoring
  • AI powered suspicious transaction monitoring

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