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Biza•io presents at LIXI Forum 2019

Biza•io founder Stuart Low recently presented at the LIXI Forum 2019. During the presentation Stuart provided a status update on the progress of the Australian Consumer Data Right (CDR) initiative, an introduction into how the data standards work, future timelines and a live demo using the currently available Product APIs.
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Biza•io launches DataRight•io

Biza•io is committed to helping make the Australian Consumer Data Right not only a reality but a true global success. With the imminent arrival of the Version 1.0 of the Consumer Data Standards for the Banking sector we are proud to announce that we have launched DataRight.IO, a news and resources website dedicated to the Consumer Data Right.

Commenting on the launch of DataRight•IO the founder of Biza•io, Stuart Low said “As the ecosystem associated with the Consumer Data Right comes into existence it is important that there are resources available to early adopters to help them create a vibrant ecosystem. DataRight•IO intends to be one of the key resources within the ecosystem and we look forward to adding more content and services over the coming months”.
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Blockchain — The Distributed Fallacy

For all the hype around distributed ledger technology it’s most valuable use may be within the simplification of centralised systems.

When Bitcoin was conceived in 2009 it was done so as an alternate to traditional fiat currencies. The first iteration of blockchain implementations posited themselves as removing the need for government trust, delivering financial, or technical, transparency and empowering the “joe public” to regain control of their financial freedom.
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