Making acquisition and storage of blockchain assets easy.

Biza•io Micro Investment


Micro Invest in Cryptocurrencies & Tokens.
Quickly & Easily.


Powered by a unique smart contract hosted on a private blockchain, Saver allows you to gain gradual exposure to the digital asset space. You define how often and how much of a variety assets to acquire on a regular basis the Saver gives you access to the Top 10 cryptocurrencies in one location, the transparency of an externally verifiable pricing and the convenience of small regular purchases.


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Biza•io Blockchain Wallet


Your digital assets.
Stored Securely.


Using a combination of cryptographic, physical and process orientated security practices we deliver a blockchain wallet for a growing list of digital assets that was previously the domain of experts and big business. Vault provides the convenience of a multi currency wallet, the security of offline storage and the application of traditional security practices utilised by establish financial institutions.


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Anywhere. Anytime.

Manage your Vault with the Biza•io App


Access your current asset value and latest transactions using the Biza•io app for phone, tablet and desktop. Alter your regular purchase plan and request withdrawals easily and conveniently while knowing your assets are stored securely offline until you request access.

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