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Delivering Business Value via the Consumer Data Right

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“’s technology skills and domain knowledge are excellent. I would recommend because they are the best at what they do, and are great to work with. They are always open for discussions and to adopting different approaches. We also found they were quick to investigate and fix things, which was important. The team at felt like an extension of our own team. They helped us achieve our goals of CDR compliance in a compressed time frame.”

Melcar McCaig, Program Lead of Open Banking at Tyro


With’s support, Tyro became fully compliant with its Consumer Data Right (CDR) obligations as a Data Holder, and in turn, made Open Banking accessible to its customers in July 2021.’s turnkey solution, in particular its InfoSec features, ensured Tyro was able to meet the deadline on time, and meet the standards with confidence.

The Customer

Tyro is Australia’s largest EFTPOS provider of all authorised deposit-taking institutions (ADIs), outside the big four banks.

Tyro offers complete payments and business banking solutions, effortless business loans, and tailored EFTPOS to more than 36,000 businesses across Australia.

The Challenges

In November 2017, the Australian Government introduced CDR in Australia to facilitate Open Banking initiatives. The CDR was created to give consumers greater access to and control over their data and encourage competition and innovation in the banking sector.

Tyro had until the July 1 2021 deadline to meet its CDR obligations as a Data Holder, and open CDR data sharing to its customers. The in-house team at Tyro had already successfully completed the product sharing obligations for the July 2020 deadline, but now needed a partner to complete the Data Holder portion.

In anticipation of the new set of CDR obligations in July 2021, the team at Tyro quickly realised the need to partner with an external CDR expert. The scope of work of the CDR obligations exceeded their expectations, and the Tyro team was finding it challenging and time-consuming to keep abreast of the ongoing updates to the CDR standards.

Tyro understood it would be better served to focus on building and improving its core solutions and tap into a partner’s expertise to become fully CDR compliant — rather than redirecting existing team resources.

The Solution

Melcar McCaig, Program Lead of Open Banking at Tyro, welcomed the opportunity to work with

“Our area of expertise is being able to devise technical solutions,” says McCaig. “We welcomed the opportunity to partner with an organisation like, with detailed knowledge of, and expertise in, the CDR domain.

This way we could focus on what we do best and the components we wanted to build, and work with a partner on the other ones, making the most of their area of expertise.”

After considering other providers to assist with its CDR compliance, Tyro ultimately chose Amongst all the providers considered, stood out as having the closest to the complete CDR solution, to provide an end-to-end Data-Holder-as-a-Service, giving data holders like Tyro a comprehensive CDR platform that acts as a proxy to core banking data.

From a technology stack and architecture perspective, proved to have the most alignment with Tyro. McCaig also felt had a very similar culture to Tyro and saw synchronicities with how the two businesses work and deliver projects.

Tyro opted for’s complete turnkey solution, which meant there were options for tweaks where Tyro required. The cloud-based nature of the platform, in addition to the InfoSec features such as FAPI security profile compliance, and integration into Tyro’s customer authentication system, all contributed to Tyro’s meeting of the CDR deadline before July 1 2021.’s implementation was smooth for Tyro, with the ongoing support and training a critical part of the process and overall success of the project.

What We Achieved

By partnering with, Tyro was able to meet the CDR compliance deadline comfortably and was confident it had met the standards required by the regulator.

The successful partnership meant Tyro did not need to allocate more engineering capacity, freeing up teams to concentrate on the core product.’s ACCC-compliant solution helped Tyro deliver a CDR service that complemented its strong internal technology capability. Tyro is now set apart from traditional banks in becoming a leader in this emerging area.

McCaig also believes that without’s help, Tyro would have required the services of several technology teams to achieve the same work in the same timeframe.