xbass•io Compliance Solution

The xbass•io (XBrl-as-A-Service-Software ) is the latest software project in development by Biza•io. Coupled with our existing custodial key management & secure JSON data store, xbass•io for Regulators extends xbass•io Browser by introducing XBRL Data Dictionary system coupled with traceable smart contract publishing and interaction. 


Initially developed as a viewing platform for SEC EDGAR data xbass•io is delivered as a number of individual components including;

  • xbass•io Core comprises the data transformation required for XBRL to JSON modelling.
  • xbass•io Browser: a platform to compare and analyse XBRL based reporting data (currently from EDGAR SEC data).
  • xbass•io for Reporting: a platform for reporting entities to collate return data for submission to prudential authorities
  • xbass•io for Regulators: Extending Reporting further, for Regulators introduces a distributed ledger and smart contracts to manage interactions between reporting entities and their relevant regulators.

Dashboard Overview for Company Analysis

Year on Year Report Comparison

Side by Side Comparison of same sector companies

The xbass•io Browser allows technical financial reporting analysis utilising XBRL formatted company returns data such as that required by the SEC EDGAR platform.

The xbass•io Browser is a powerful toolset that allows users to;

  • View and Review Company Filings
  • Access formatted company footnote and endnotes
  • Compare hisotrical return data across multiple years
  • Compare returns with sector competitors to find new investment opportunities

The xbass•io Browser is a powerful financial analytics interface and is available fro user signups at xbass.io.

xbass•io for Regulators allows regulators and those that report to them to work collectively in order to maintain a high rigour of financial reporting.

Built specifically for regulatory requirements xbass•io for Regulators facilitates a number of business objectives including;

  • Browser based report submission
  • Multi-format reporting capture and conversion
  • Calendar based reporting schedules
  • Regulatory authority workflow approval processes
  • Dynamic design and implementation of new reporting capabilities

As a platform built on blockchain technology xbass•io for Regulators delivers a world leading, digital signature enabled, software compliance framework that facilitates inter-agency sharing while delivering value to reporting entities through optimised reporting processes and structured analytics services.

Web Based Reporting Lodgement

Submission Design simplified into a Drag & Drop Editor

Integrated Submission Calendar

Identify overdue submissions easily

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