The Biza•io Designer Banking Platform

Combining the flexibility of open standards and the rich functionality of blockchain hosted smart contracts the Biza•io Platform is a technology leading “bank in a box”. We are democratising banking services by enabling banks customers to decide what they want from their bank. With native Open Banking API support, Smart Contract powered product definitions and an encrypted data store the Biza•io Platform represents a technological leap in the delivery of banking services worldwide.

Open Banking Native™

The Biza•io Platform isn’t just open banking compliant, it is Open Banking Native™.


Using a highly modular micro-services architecture we eschew proprietary communication APIs instead delivering end to end functionality to European and Australian open banking APIs. Our platform delivers a number of open API standards including:


We are proud of our open architecture approach as governments worldwide look to increase competition and transparency in the banking services sector.

Integrated with Open ID(OAUTH2) Authentication

Multi Currency support (including Crypto)

Integrated Transaction View

Simple Transaction List (AUD)

Simple Transaction List (Euro)

Designer Banking™ for Consumers

Retail Banking consumers don’t just want “more of the same”.


Empower your customers through Biza•io’s unique approach to product definitions. Utilising the flexibility of smart contracts and Biza•io’s unique product design capability you can effectively deliver the bank services your consumers want. Through crowd sourced product definitions you can meet the needs of your specific customers without needing to make significant infrastructure changes when you want to deliver a new product.


The Biza•io Platform let’s your customers decide what products they want and how they want them. Through this open approach to product design our core banking deployment enhances your customers loyalty and empowers them to engage with your business.


We like to call it Designer Banking™ and we think it will takeover the financial services sector.

Cryptographically Assured

Powered by the technology that runs the public Ethereum network the Biza•io Platform combines the immutable features of the blockchain with a custodial key management services to facilitate the highest in assurance and accountability with regards to customer account decisions.


Regulatory authorities worldwide are actively pursuing greater transparency within the banking sector and now, with Biza•io’s unique approach to banking software, banks can react to individual business risks quickly and effectively. Combined with individual software controls the Biza•io Platform exceeds all software assurance and audit requirements without significant increases within internal audit personnel and systems.


Using our platform, all contract conditions are transparently embedded in unique smart contracts allowing effective third party review and alignment with customer agreed legal documents.

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