Smart Contract Development

With over 20 years of software development experience Biza•io can deliver highly efficient smart contract development services to meet your business requirements. Whether you would like to modify an existing smart contract or develop a completely new requirement Biza•io has the skills, capability and professional experience to convert your business objectives into technical output. After establishing your business requirements Biza•io works collaboratively with you to architect potential solutions, develop matching smart contract code and package into software bindings for multiple languages (traditionally Java or GoLang).


Our development process occurs in 4 unique stages:


  1.  Assess business requirements and process flow for smart contract to be interacted with.
  2. Develop smart contract code coupled with test driven development. Verify outputs meet business requirements.
  3. Produce software bindings for integration into mainstream code base. Typically delivered as Java or GoLang bindings dependent on customer requirements.
  4. Verify bindings meet business requirements, deploy onto target chain environment and establish contract upgrade capability

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