Private Blockchain Deployments

Biza•io delivers private blockchain deployment services for your enterprise or development requirements. Using a private chain your organisation can cost effectively perform application testing and not be prone to external blockchain outages. Being a private chain all of your smart contract interactions stay private. With our proprietary set of infrastructure-as-code (IaC) definitions Biza•io delivers maintainable, consistent and highly secure deployments to meet your corporate requirements.


Biza•io supports the deployment of the following chain types:

  1.  Ethereum with Proof of Authority
  2.  Ethereum with Proof of Work

Biza•io can deliver private chain deployments either on premises within an Enterprise or in the cloud using Biza•io’s own private ethereum chain. With extensive experience deploying and operating blockchain deployments Biza•io allows you to focus on your value proposition and leave the operational management of your application with us.


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