Biza•io Internet Banking

A standalone component of the Biza•io Platform the Biza•io Internet Banking solution provides a responsive Desktop and Mobile Internet Banking capabilities while utilising emerging Open Banking API’s. Developed in Australia to the most popular European banking standards, Biza•io Internet Banking intends to be the first Australian Consumer Data Right compliant solution available on the market.


With support for OpenID federated authentication systems the Biza•io Internet Banking solution provides an initial base on which to build your banks customer interface on including:


  • Combined Accounts Overview
  • Individual Account Transaction List
  • Transaction initiation including;
    • EFT Payment Initiation
    • Blockchain Payment Initiation
    • BPAY Payment initiation
  • Customer Profile View
  • Customer Profile Edit

Integrated with Open ID(OAUTH2) Authentication

Multi Currency support (including Crypto)

Integrated Transaction View

Simple Transaction List (AUD)

Simple Transaction List (Euro)

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