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At, we are focused on implementing and innovating solutions within the Consumer Data Right landscape and giving all Australians choice and access to their own data.

Our people are passionate about what they do and always look for better, by asking questions or taking a risk and trying something new. We work together and share responsibility for the delivery of innovative projects for our customers, time and again. We expect everyone in our team to make an impact and empower and enable them to do their best work for our

The growth and success of will depend on the strength of our team and we are always looking for amazing people to work with us, to transform the data landscape in Australia.

How we work

Remote native
We are a “remote native” company (intentionally, not remote first). We believe people should have the choice to work where they will be most productive for the day. Some people may have an excellent home office setup, others may prefer to work in the office to avoid distractions at home. We will provide physical and technical support to our employees to enable them to do both.

Location agnostic
We recognise that Covid has encouraged many people to evaluate their work life balance and what’s important. Working in the city with a long commute doesn’t have to be the only way. We know the right talent for could be located across Australia, and we are building a culture and a company to hire amazing people wherever they are. Providing of course that timezones allow for real time team collaboration — unfortunately the south of France may not be an option!

High trust environment
We empower our employees to do their best work where and when it suits them best. We don’t track hours and we do expect results. Flexibility comes with responsibility – while we give our people choice, it’s important they respect the needs of our team and our customers.

What we offer

  • Employee Share Options Scheme
  • Flexible hours
  • Flexible location – our people are located across Australia and work from home or in the office
  • Floating public holidays – use them when it suits you
  • Corporate phone and plan
  • Corporate internet plan
  • Up to $7k to spend on your tech when you join (think laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, headphones etc)
  • Up to $5k a year to spend on learning and development (“Career Catalyst Fund”)
  • $10k referral bonus

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