Our highest priority is your assets security



All private keys are stored securely offline within EN1143-1 certified Grade XII vaults manned by ASIO-T4 certified staff.


These vaults contain a number of security features including 24/7 video surveillance, UL3 rated vault doors and Grade XII rated vault walls, independent monitoring and mobile response. Access to the vault requires biometric hand scanning, digital photo recognition, individual pin code and duplication resistant physical locking mechanisms.


All private keys are stored using multiple cryptographic protections including:

  • 3-of-5 multi signature decryption access to private keys
  • Multiple copies of encrypted keys stored in multiple locations
  • Multiple storage formats to deliver fire, water and electromagnetic pulse protection


Using a unique & proprietary software architecture we call Football OSTM we have combined an internal blockchain with the power of smart contracts to deliver the highest level of assurance and meet security standards in line with some of the worlds largest financial institutions.


Through the use of this system we are the first custodial digital assets platform to strive towards achieving the highest in industry standards including adherence to ISO 9001/27001 and PCI DSS standards.



Biza Pty Ltd operates as the primary operating entity for the delivery of your services. On delivery into Biza•io Vault we register your asset holdings within a separate entity (Bitcoin Vault Pty Ltd) specifically established to deliver separation of company funds and customer assets


From an accounting perspective we register your assets “in trust” with a matching liability. This ensures the ownership of your assets are clearly delineated within our balance sheet. Biza•io is committed to performing regular audits of customer assets and use certified professional auditors to achieve this.


Finally, Biza•io, in the near future, will provide customers with insurance coverage for the assets we hold on their behalf.